List of kitchen tools and equipment : Best ski equipment.

List Of Kitchen Tools And Equipment

list of kitchen tools and equipment

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list of kitchen tools and equipment - Cool Tools:

Cool Tools: Cooking Utensils from the Japanese Kitchen

Cool Tools: Cooking Utensils from the Japanese Kitchen

A visually stunning book for the professional chef, the curious amateur-and anyone who appreciates the uniqueness of Japanese design and culture.

What do chefs use to grate wasabi, the eyewatering Japanese "horse radish?" To pick up the delicate cubes of tofu from boiling water? To slice sashimi? Or scoop freshly steamed rice from the pot?

Cool Tools reveals the answers to these questions and much more, as it explores the Japanese kitchen, finding a treasure trove of fascinating and practical items that are used by Japanese chefs in their daily culinary endeavors.

Japanese cuisine is flourishing among the food-conscious all over the world-as are the cookbooks featuring recipes from a wide variety of styles. Now, Cool Tools goes deep inside the kitchen, into the cupboards and the drawers, to the stove tops and wall hangers where all sorts of utensils are stored. Here are the items being manipulated by the hands of the famous in their awe-inspiring kitchens-and the not-so-famous in their homes.

As with so many Japanese creations, the utensils are both functional and artistic. And the pieces that are the focus of this book are treated as both works of art and items of practical interest. The photography, by one of Japan's leading lensmen, celebrates the care in materials and design. The text, by a long-time columnist on Tokyo dining and entertaining, celebrates the history, the usage, the people behind these tools, in brief, informative and entertaining entries.

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Kitchen tools

Kitchen tools

In order to have a kitchen that looks good and functions faultlessly, you will need to choose the right kitchen essentials and accessories. Please take a look at our collection of modern kitchen tools appliances, kitchen decor items and accessories

Kitchen tools basking in the sunlight!

Kitchen tools basking in the sunlight!

After a hard days work, even kitchen tools deserve their moment in the limelight!

list of kitchen tools and equipment

list of kitchen tools and equipment

Williams-Sonoma Tools & Techniques

An essential resource for any cook, this book offers a comprehensive evaluation of both classic and contemporary equipment for the home kitchen and also explains more than 300 important cooking techniques that will help you execute tricky culinary tasks. The book discusses basic and specialty tools for cooking and baking, cutlery, cookware, electric appliances and useful accessories. Along with a foreword by noted chef Thomas Keller, the book includes over 1,500 color photographs, 50 basic recipes plus variations, and a wealth of how-to tips. H A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.

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