Sunrise Medical Equipment

sunrise medical equipment

    medical equipment
  • Medical equipment is designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions. These devices are usually designed with rigorous safety standards. The medical equipment is included in the category Medical technology.

  • Charges for the purchase of equipment used in providing medical services and care. Examples include monitors, x-ray machines, whirlpools.

  • any medical equipment used to enable mobility and functionality (e.g. wheel chair, hospital bed, traction apparatus, Continuous Positive Air Pressure machines, etc.).

  • The time in the morning when the sun appears or full daylight arrives

  • The colors and light visible in the sky on an occasion of the sun's first appearance in the morning, considered as a view or spectacle

  • dawn: the first light of day; "we got up before dawn"; "they talked until morning"

  • sunrise(a): of an industry or technology; new and developing; "high-technology sunrise industries"

  • atmospheric phenomena accompanying the daily appearance of the sun

sunrise medical equipment - Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical Inc Breezy Ultra 4-off chair Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchair Seat Size: 18" x 18", Legrest Options: Swingaway w/Heel Loops (Standard), Armrest Choice: Height Adjustable Desk-Length

Sunrise Medical Inc Breezy Ultra 4-off chair Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchair Seat Size: 18" x 18", Legrest Options: Swingaway w/Heel Loops (Standard), Armrest Choice: Height Adjustable Desk-Length

Sunrise Medical Inc Breezy Ultra 4-off chair The Breezy Ultra 4 boldly steps forward as Sunrise Medical's premium new standard wheelchair. Ultra 4 establishes itself as an industry benchmark with a newly upgraded standard chair package and added options. Features such as an angle-adjustable backrest option, standard quick-release axles, and multiple seat-heights provide users with a chair that's easy to use, easy to adjust, and able to respond to changing needs. Features: -Ultra 4 configured wheelchairs. -Breezy collection. -Optional angle-adjustable footplates. -Designed standard with an aluminum frame. -Armrests wrap around the back post. -The Jay Basic cushion as an option. -No-tools footrest adjustment makes the Breezy Ultra 4 one of the easiest footrests in the industry to adjust. -Silver-texture frame-color, black, and forest green frame colors. Specifications: -Weight capacity: 250 lbs. -Seat dimensions: 15.5" - 19.5" H x 16" - 20" W x 16" - 18" D. -Overall width: 26.5". Brochure Owner's Manual Seat Size: 18" x 18", Legrest Options: Swingaway w/Heel Loops (Standard), Armrest Choice: Height Adjustable Desk-Length

88% (7)

Braby and Co.Ltd Ashton Gate

Braby and Co.Ltd Ashton Gate

2011 - Metal factory set to be sold

ONCE known as Fredk.Braby and Co.Ltd. of Ashton, Braby Ltd. always claimed to be UK pioneers in the making of aluminium sheet metal products in 1893.

If true, it means that Bristol had two firsts in the manufacture of metal products – the other being zinc, pioneered in Old Market and Warmley, and ending finally in Avonmouth.

Britannia Zinc closed its factory there in 2003 and now Braby's, which has been a major south Bristol employer since 1839, has gone into administration.

This well-respected company – a leader in its field – made aluminium and stainless steel silos, tanks and specialist storage for many top names in the food, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In 2005 the firm, then owned by a Danish company, was taken over in a management buy-out led by former MD John Lee.

The 53-strong workforce knew that the firm was facing serious problems and matters came to a head just recently when a deal to sell the company fell through.

Now half the employees have been made redundant and the firm, which has been making aluminium grain silos and storage tanks since the 1950s, is in the hands of the receivers.

"Despite being a long-established business and the UK market leader in its field, Braby Ltd was not immune to the global recession which has led to its customer base reducing its spend on large capital items, such as those supplied by the company," said a spokesman.

"The directors had been in discussions with a large European group which it was hoped would provide strategic finance into Braby and secure its future. Unfortunately, these discussions came to an end last week and as the business was unable to meet its financial commitments, the directors made the difficult decision to appoint administrators.

"We hope to be able to keep the business trading in the short term, enabling us to maintain goodwill and eventually to sell it as a going concern."

The company's last major job was supplying a huge storage silo to GlaxoSmithKline's for its Ribena soft drinks factory at Coleford, in the Forest of Dean.

If closure happens then it would be a huge blow for South Bristol – and specifically Ashton – which has seen its manufacturing base shrink dramatically over the past 20 or 30 years.

The departure of the labour intensive tobacco, printing and packaging industries leaves just Thomas Ware leather and the revived Ashton Gate brewery (formerly "Sunrise") as reminders of just how much has been lost.

According to an advert from the late 1950s Braby's, who also made aluminium trays, buckets (or skeps) and kitchen waste containers as well as silos, once had manufacturing units and depots in London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Falkirk and Motherwell.

"It seems likely that the biggest use of aluminium will eventually be the building industry and in the US whole skyscrapers are being clad in this metal and fitted with aluminium windows, doors, partitions and other internal fittings," said their 1950s promotional material.

"Both our Bristol and Glasgow works are actively engaged in this field and offer a wide range of standardised and purpose built building products."

Obviously proud to be an early maker of aluminium industrial hollow ware – tanks and vessels, welded steel tanks, structural steelwork and metal plate work – Braby were also on the look out for new uses and new markets.

"A little publicised industry is the breeding of animals under laboratory conditions for medical research and at Ashton Gate we also manufacture "residential flats" for mice, rats and guinea pigs in anodised aluminium," said the company.

"But despite these unconventional uses it is still the everyday equipment – tanks, pipe work, ducting, trays and boxes – which form the real bread and butter of our sheet metal industry. Aluminium might be finding new competition from stainless steel and plastic materials but is more than holding its own in a world where there is still an unsatisfied demand for ingot and semi fabricated light alloys.

"Our Circular Corrugated Outdoor Grain Silos, introduced in 1953, are selling well both at home and in a wide export market," said Braby.

With capacities ranging from 20 to 100 tons, these silos were sent to buyers in a pre fabricated format ready to be erected on the spot by a couple of men over one to three days.

"These silos are helping to meet a worldwide need for decentralised grain storage, something brought about by the ever increasing use of the combine harvester," the firm added.

"Even in the more primitive countries the spotlight is on food production and large number of silos are being sent to many parts of Africa, the Middle East and Central America."

It's amazing how quickly times have changed with Bristol moving, in one generation, from an industrialised, manufacturing city – one that was busy exporting – to one based on insura

MV Maersk Alabama

MV Maersk Alabama

The Maersk Alabama hijacking was a series of events involving piracy that began with four Somali pirates seizing the cargo ship MV Maersk Alabama 240 nautical miles (440 km; 280 mi) southeast of the Somalia port city of Eyl. It was the sixth vessel in a week to be attacked by pirates who had previously extorted ransoms in the tens of millions of dollars. Although reported to be the first successful pirate seizure of a ship registered under the American flag since the Second Barbary War in 1815, other incidents had occurred as late as 1821

The ship, with a crew of 21, loaded with 17,000 metric tons of cargo, was bound for Mombasa, Kenya. On April 8, 2009, four pirates boarded the ship, hijacking it in the process.

According to second mate Ken Quinn, who spoke by telephone to CNN, the pirate's skiff overturned during boarding the Alabama early on Wednesday, April 8. As the pirates were boarding the ship, the crew members locked themselves in the engine room.

Unbeknown to the pirates, a dozen of the Alabama's crew members were members of the Seafarer's International Union and received anti-piracy instruction from the union. Their training included the use of small arms, anti-terror, basic safety, first aid, and other security-related courses.

The crew soon used "brute force" to retake control of the ship, and overpowered the leader of the pirates. The ship's captain, Richard Phillips, 53, surrendered himself to ensure his crew's safety. The crew attempted to trade the pirate they had captured and tied up for twelve hours for the captain, but after the crew released their captive, the pirates refused to honor the agreement. They fled in one of the ship's covered lifeboats with nine days of food rations and took Phillips with them, as the crew had control of the ship's steering from the engine room.

On April 8, 2009, the destroyer USS Bainbridge was dispatched to the Gulf of Aden in response to a hostage situation, and reached the Maersk Alabama early on April 9.

The Alabama was then escorted from the scene under armed guard towards its original destination in Mombasa, Kenya. CNN and FOX quoted sources stating that the pirates' strategy was to await the arrival of additional hijacked vessels carrying more pirates and additional hostages to use as human shields.

A stand-off ensued between the USS Bainbridge and the pirates' lifeboat from the Maersk Alabama from April 9, 2009, where they held the captain of the ship, Richard Phillips, hostage. The warship was several hundred yards away, with rescue helicopters and lifeboats, but kept its distance, out of the pirates' range of fire. A P-3 Orion surveillance aircraft secured aerial footage and reconnaissance. Radio communication between the two ships was established. Four foreign vessels held by pirates headed towards the lifeboat. A total of 54 hostages were on two of the ships, citizens of China, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, the Philippines, Tuvalu, Indonesia and Taiwan.

On April 10, 2009, Phillips attempted to escape from the lifeboat but was recaptured after the captors fired shots. The pirates then threw a phone—and a two-way radio dropped to them by the U.S. Navy—into the ocean, fearing the Americans were somehow using the equipment to give instructions to the captain. The U.S. dispatched other warships, including the guided-missile frigate USS Halyburton and the amphibious assault ship USS Boxer, to the site off the Horn of Africa. The pirates' strategy was to link up with their comrades, who were holding Russian, German, Filipino and other hostages, and get Phillips to Somalia, where they could hide him, making it difficult to stage a rescue, giving the pirates more leverage and a stronger negotiating position. Anchoring near shore would allow them to land quickly if attacked. Negotiations were ongoing between the pirates and the captain of the Bainbridge, who was under the direction of FBI hostage negotiators. The captors were also communicating with other pirate vessels by satellite phone.

However, negotiations broke down hours after the pirates fired on a small United States Navy vessel that had tried to approach the lifeboat not long after sunrise Saturday in the Indian Ocean. The American boat did not return fire and "did not want to escalate the situation".

"We are safe and we are not afraid of the Americans. We will defend ourselves if attacked", one of the pirates told Reuters by satellite phone. Phillips' family had gathered at his farmhouse in Vermont awaiting a resolution to the situation.

Commander Castellano stated that as the winds picked up, tensions rose among the pirates and "we calmed them" and persuaded the pirates to be towed by the Bainbridge.

The commander of United States Fifth Fleet Vice Admiral William E. Gortney reported the rescue began when Commander Frank Castellano, captain of the Bainbridge, determined that Phillips' life was in imminent danger.

President Barack Obama had prev

sunrise medical equipment

sunrise medical equipment

Natural Dawn Simulator Alarm Clock Light Box

SRS320 The new Sunrise System Light Box is the only product on the market which combines a bright light LED light box with a Sunrise System Dawn Simulator. For much less than the price of an ordinary light box you can now also enjoy the combined benefits of a Sunrise System Dawn Simulator - one of the most natural and stress free ways of waking with light. The Sunrise System Light Box (SRS 320) is packed full of functionality; not only is it lightweight and portable so that you can use it in any room, this Sunrise Systems lamp has easy-to-use features which you can set to meet your own lifestyle requirements for waking and sleeping. Very helpful in combating Seasonal Affective Disorder. FEATURES -Sunrise simulating alarm clock -10-90 minute timer -Sunrise and sunset simulation from 10-90 minutes -Full seven day alarm schedule -Large LCD backlit display -Night light included -Home security feature -12 or 24 hour clock display. -Power fail backup -Easy to read text display -Days of week and leap years calculated automatically -English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish languages available -LCD contrast and backlight adjustment -Lightweight and portable Back to top SPECIFICATIONS -Dimensions: 10.43'' H x 4.92'' W x 3.74'' D -Bright up to 10,000 Lux LED light box -Low power, energy efficient - 10 watts when the light is at maximum Specifications Back to top

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